Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose HPMC building uses and applications

1. Building mortar, plastering mortar

High water retention HPMC can make cement fully hydrated, significantly increase bond strength, and can appropriately improve tensile strength and shear strength, greatly improve the construction effect, improve work efficiency.

2. Water resistant putty

In the putty cellulose ether HPMC mainly from water retention, bonding and lubrication, to avoid the phenomenon of cracks and dehydration caused by too fast water loss, and enhance the adhesion of putty, reduce the phenomenon of flow hanging in the construction, so that the construction is relatively smooth.

3. Paint plaster series

In gypsum series products, cellulose ether HPMC mainly plays the role of water retention, thickening, lubrication and so on, and has a certain effect of slow condensation, to solve the construction process of drum cracking, initial strength can not reach the problem, can prolong the working time.

4. The interface agent

Mainly used as thickener, it can improve tensile strength and shear strength, improve surface coating, enhance adhesion and bond strength.

5. Exterior insulation mortar

Cellulose ether HPMC in this material focus on bonding, increase the strength of the role, so that the sand will be easier to coating, improve work efficiency, at the same time with vertical flow resistance, high water retention performance can prolong the working time of mortar, improve the anti shrinkage and anti cracking, improve surface quality, improve bond strength.

6. Ceramic tile binder

High water retention can not pre-soak or wet ceramic tile and base, significantly improve its bond strength, slurry can be long construction cycle, delicate, uniform, convenient construction, and has good resistance to moisture.

7. Seam filling agent, groove seam agent

The addition of cellulose ether HPMC makes it have good edge adhesion, low shrinkage and high wear resistance, protect the base material from mechanical damage, avoid the impact of infiltration to the whole building.

8. Self-leveling material

Cellulose ether stable bond to ensure good liquidity and self-leveling ability, control water retention rate so that it can quickly solidify, reduce cracking and contraction.

9. Latex paint

In the coating industry cellulose ether can be used as film forming agent, thickener, emulsifier and stabilizer, so that the film has good wear resistance, coating, adhesion, improve the surface tension of PH for qualitative, and organic solvent miscible effect is also good, high water retention performance so that it has good brushing and leveling.

10. Honeycomb ceramics

In the new honeycomb ceramics to give the blank lubricity, water retention and improve the strength.

Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) products are the most consumed in the field of suspension polymerization of ethyl chloride. In the floating polymerization of vinyl chloride (VC), the dispersion system directly affects the quality of PVC resin and its processing and products. To improve the thermal stability of resin and control particle size distribution (both to adjust the density of PVC), HPMC dosage accounted for 0.025%-0.03% of PVC output. PVC resin prepared by high quality HPMC, in addition to ensure that the performance in line with international standards, but also have good apparent physical properties, excellent particle characteristics and excellent melt rheological behavior.

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