Which properties of mortar can be improved by redispersible latex powder

What properties of mortar can be improved by redispersible latex powder?

1, reduce the elastic modulus of mortar, can make brittle cement mortar become a certain degree of flexibility;The type of latex powder and the amount of elastic modulus also have an effect
2. To improve the water resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the mortar, the retinal structure formed by the polymer closes the holes and cracks in the mortar, reduces the porosity in the hardened body, and thus improves.
3. Impermeability, water resistance and frost resistance of cement mortar.This effect increases with the increase of ash accumulation ratio.The improvement of the wear resistance of mortar is related to the type of rubber powder and the ash accumulation ratio.Generally speaking, the ash accumulation ratio increases, wear resistance increases.
4. Improve the bonding strength, tensile strength and bending strength of the material;
5. Improve the fluidity and construction of mortar;
6, improve the water retention of mortar, reduce water evaporation, re-dispersible latex powder dissolved in water after the formation of latex solution in mortar, latex solution solidification in the mortar to form a continuous organic film, this organic film can prevent the migration of water, so as to reduce the mortar water loss, play a role in water retention.

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