Cellulose ether has good Water retention effect.

Cellulose ether is a common additive in dry mortar, which plays a very important role.

Mortar in cellulose ether dissolved in water, because the surface active role to ensure the gelled material effectively uniform distribution in the system, and cellulose ether as a kind of protective colloid, “package” solid particles, and on its exterior surface to form a layer of lubrication film, the slurry system more stable, and also improves the slurry in the mixing process of liquidity and the construction of the slip may just as well.

Cellulose ether solution due to its own molecular structure characteristics, so that the water in mortar is not easy to lose, and in a strong period of time gradually released, giving mortar good water retention and workability.

The water retention of cellulose ether is an important and basic data index, water retention refers to the water retention of newly mixed mortar on a hydrophobic substrate after capillary action.

Here with a simple experimental method, simply show the division I cellulose ether water retention effect, only for viewing oh!

Cellulose ether

Because there is no unified testing method for the water retention of cellulose ether in the country, the production enterprise usually does not provide the technical parameters.

But in order to bring convenience to the use and evaluation of customers, two relatively professional cellulose ether water retention test methods are commonly used in the industry: vacuum method and filter paper method.

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Our company domestic starch ether, is hydroxypropyl starch ether (HPS), a kind of natural plants as raw materials, after modification, highly etherified reaction, and then spray drying and white fine powder, without plasticizer.

Physical properties: white powder, good fluidity, good water solubility, its aqueous solution transparent colorless, good ice melting stability.

Application features:

1. The mortar can be thickened quickly;

2. Medium viscosity, with certain water retention;

3. Small dosage, very low dosage can achieve good effect;

4. Improve the anti-hanging ability of materials;

5. Improve the operating performance of mortar, so that the construction is more smooth;

6. Extend the opening time of mortar.

Product Application:

Cement-based mortar: water resistant putty for internal and external walls, adhesive plaster mortar, ceramic tile glue, jointing agent, inorganic insulation mortar;

Gypsum base mortar: gypsum putty, gypsum bonding mortar, gypsum plastering mortar, gypsum caulking mortar, gypsum fire mortar, gypsum insulation mortar;

Neutral putty.

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