The Application of Cellulose Ether in Cement Render

SLEOCHEM cellulose ethers are essential components of successful cement-based render formulations. render must retain enough water for proper setting of the cement and to achieve high mechanical strength. Celotech cellulose ethers improve water retention of cement-based render and offer these additional advantages:

1) Easy Mixing

SLEOCHEM cellulose ethers, in render grades, dissolve very quickly, allowing the complete dispersion of all dry particles. SLEOCHEM additives enhance the lubricity of dispersed particles resulting in a smooth, homogeneous render. The surface activity of SLEOCHEM products helps entrain additional air for improved workability.

2) Application

SLEOCHEM cellulose ethers improve the rheology of the render for excellent workability and consistency. Improved consistency allows smoothing and evening without sagging. SLEOCHEM products give the render an ideal amount of stickiness so it adheres to the substrate wall, not to the working trowel. The high water retention properties of SLEOCHEM cellulose ethers also prolong working time.

Machine render requires a cellulose ether which dissolves very quickly, builds up consistency before the render is on the substrate, and shows no post-thickening on the wall. SLEOCHEM cellulose ethers help produce a render with good pumpability, excellent workability characteristics, easy finishing, and a homogenous surface.

3) Final render Properties

SLEOCHEM cellulose ethers in the mix retain water for a longer period of time—longer water availability means the cement can fully hydrate and develop high mechanical strength. This produces a render with a homogenous surface, smooth, lump-free finish, and greater resistance to cracks.

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