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The Important Role of Cellulose Ether in Gypsum Spray Plaster

May 30, 2022by admin

Gypsum based and gypsum-lime based machine spray plasters are mixed and applied in continuously working plastering machines. They are used for a highly efficient coating of walls and ceilings and applied in one layer (ca. 10 mm thick).

Due to the high spray speed, the spray effect is better than plastering. It can usually be applied on only one layer and is less expensive. Some renders are pre-mixed and dry faster than regular plaster. This also helps reduce scaffolding costs while allowing other transactions to enter faster.

Their continued commercialization makes water-soluble cellulosic ethers a key additive for gypsum sprays. Cellulose ethers impart water retention properties, limit the absorption of water from gypsum to the substrate, enable stable curing and high final strength. In addition, the special rheological properties of cellulose ethers improve spray applications and significantly simplify subsequent leveling and finishing steps.

Adding SLEOCHEM Cellulose construction grades guarantees the required water retention, workability, sag resistance and pumpability.



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