what is the application of redispersible latex powder in ceramic tile adhesives?

(1) The effect of the fresh mortar: ① Prolong the working time and adjustable time; ② Improve the water retention performance to ensure the hydration of cement; ③ Improve sag resistance (special modified polymer powder); (4) improve the workability (easy to construct on the base material, easy to press the ceramic tile into the adhesive).

(2) the effect of hardened mortar: (1) and all kinds of substrate has good adhesion, including concrete, plastering, wood, old ceramic tile, PVC; ② It has a good deformation ability under various climatic conditions.

(3) polymer in the specific process of adhesive application: one of the most important application of polymer modified cement mortar is to paste ceramic tile with thin layer construction method, its specific process is: the pre-packaged dry powder adhesive in the scene and water mixing, with a rectangular tooth scraper will mix good adhesive daub on the wall and the ground. Stick the tile on the comb strip before it dries. The basic requirements for this tile adhesive are: good construction, long opening time (the time between application and drying), good resistance to slip, sufficient deformation and durability in all possible weather conditions.

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