What is the difference between external wall putty and anti-crack mortar in construction?

Many achievements have been made in the application and practice of polymer plaster mortar and anti-crack putty in exterior wall decoration and heat preservation and energy saving projects.

The exterior wall decoration engineering of urban public buildings and residential buildings is moving from ceramic tile decoration, exterior wall putty scraping and paint painting decoration technology to a new technology combining decoration engineering with heat preservation and energy saving engineering.

Exterior wall decoration engineering technology level mainly depends on the quality of the material and technological level, the author many years of research and experiment, and has carried on the on-the-spot investigation to some engineering, and construction of technical personnel has carried on the extensive contacts, through the analysis of the technical quality of some engineering cases, the awareness of the outer wall plastering mortar, the external wall putty crack is the main technical problems, In order to solve this problem, we think that we should improve the performance and construction technology level of external wall plaster mortar and putty.

This article from the theory and practical application, external wall plaster mortar, external wall putty material system, the relationship between the materials, the main cause of crack, crack on the quality of building decoration engineering and the effective way to solve the comparison and comprehensive analysis.

One, the material system to understand the material system and the different properties of related raw materials to improve the polymer plaster mortar, external wall putty product performance is very helpful.

At present, the main raw materials are inorganic cementing materials: such as ordinary Portland cement, white cement, ash calcium powder, calcium hydroxide, etc., filling materials: such as quartz sand, quartz powder, wolfenite powder, washed river sand, double fly powder, heavy calcium powder, etc., cellulose and fiber: Such as methyl cellulose (MC) and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), wood fiber and polypropylene staple fiber, polymer type, such as elastic emulsion, synthetic latex, can disperse latex powder, polyvinyl alcohol powder, again after the match and composite additives, such as multi-functional powder categories: such as cement powder, polymer powder, etc., and other auxiliary class, etc.

2, Economical and practical problems of polymer mortar, wall putty products and application technology from the development, application to the national conditions of the popularization, the results showed that its economy practical primarily in two aspects, on the one hand, ensure products with excellent quality and stability, and can satisfy the various needs of construction quality, also is to have great value in practical application, On the other hand, it requires the product to be very economical.

Along with the market competition, technological progress and the development of new functional materials and the promotion, will improve the comprehensive performance of our products, cost will be decreased, more use of popularization and application, polymer mortar, wall putty in the process of production, application practice, also must rely on technological progress, bold use of new materials, development and innovation to meet the market demand.

Three, raw material properties and the relationship between each other problems at present a lot of manufacturers for the use of polymer mortar, wall putty function and effect of all kinds of materials and the relationship between each other, understanding is limited, lack of practical experience, leading to the production of products is not stable, can’t play a good bonding and crack resistance. Through long-term research, application and technical consultation, the author fully understands and grasps the material property, the function, the function and the main and the auxiliary material relation question is very important, chooses the good raw material, is the key technology place.

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