How Do You Make Dry Mortar Mixture?

In dry mix mortar, adding a little HPMC can significantly improve the performance of wet mortar. It can be seen that HPMC is a major additive that affects the construction performance of mortar.

Generally, a small amount of HPMC can greatly increase the water retention rate of the mortar. When the content reaches a certain level, The trend of the water retention increasing slows down. As the ambient temperature increases, the water retention of HPMC usually decreases. But, some modified HPMC also have better water retention under high temperature conditions. HPMC with lower substitution degree has better water retention performance.

HPMC – (Thickening and thixotropy)

● gives the wet mortar excellent viscosity,

● can significantly increase the bonding ability of the wet mortar and the base,

● improve the sag resistance of the mortar.

HPMC has obvious air-en-training effect on fresh cement-based materials.

As a surface material, HPMC also has a wetting or lubricating effect on cement particles, which together with its air-en-training effect increases the fluidity of cement-based materials, but its thickening effect will reduce fluidity.

HPMC will prolong the setting time of cement paste or mortar and delay the hydration kinetics of cement, which is beneficial :-

● to increase the operating time of freshly mixed materials,

● improve the consistency of mortar

● the loss of concrete slump over time,

But it may also delay construction schedule.


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