The Functions of Cellulose Ether in wall plaster formulation

(1) The Workability

Choose the right specifications of cellulose ether(HPMC/MHEC), the workability of plaster could be improved significantly. HPMC / MHEC could provide a good consistency. Make the plaster easy to scrape on the wall, increase the efficiency.

(2) Water Retention

MHEC or HPMC could provide a good water retention, make sure the cement and other additives fully hydrated which can increase the working time and reduce the risk of cracking. Meanwhile, increase the bonding strength between wall surface and plaster.

(3) Adjust the Setting Time

Hydroxypropyl Methylcelluloses can be used as set-retarders for cement-based, gypsum based or lime based building materials. If there is no need for particularly long construction time, such a retarding effect is sufficient to satisfy the use needs. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose also has certain set-retarding effects on gypsum-based products.

(4) Air entraining

Adding cellulose ether HPMC or MHEC in plaster could make it have a reasonable air entraining. the tiny bubbles can be produced inside the wet mortar, like a honeycomb structure. Act like lubricants could have a very good construction performance. It also makes contributions on heat resistance and sound insulation. Meanwhile helpful to reduce the bulk density of product.


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