Setting Time Tips of HPMC on Cement-based Materials

In recent years, with the continuous development of exterior wall insulation technology, the continuous progress of SLEOCHEM cellulose production technology, and the excellent characteristics of HPMC itself, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose HPMC has been widely used in the construction industry.

In order to study the mechanism of the interaction between HPMC and cementitious materials, this paper investigates the improvement effect of HPMC on the bonding performance of cementitious materials.

The setting time of concrete is mainly related to the setting time of cement, and aggregate has little effect, so HPMC can be used instead of the setting time of mortar on non-dispersed underwater concrete, and the setting time of mortar is affected by the water-cement ratio and cement-sand ratio, so in order to evaluate the effect of HPMC on the setting time of mortar, mortar fixed water-cement ratio and cement-sand ratio.

The experimental responses showed that the addition of HPMC had a significant retarding effect on the mortar mix. With the increase of HPMC content, the setting time of mortar was prolonged. With the same amount of HPMC, the underwater molding mortar took longer time than molding in air. When measured in water, the setting time of HPMC mixed mortar was 6~18 h. Compared with the blank test, the final setting was delayed 6~22 h. Therefore, HPMC should be used in combination with early strength agent.

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