How to Prepare the Composite of Redispersible Latex Powder RDP

Redispersible latex powder has the characteristics of good fluidity, uniform particle size and good dispersibility after redispersion. After the latex powder particles are mixed with water, they can be restored to the original emulsion state and maintain the characteristics and functions of organic adhesives with HPMC.

Redispersible latex powder is accomplished in four steps:

①When the Redispersible latex powder and the cement mortar are evenly mixed, the redispersed fine polymer particles can be uniformly dispersed in the slurry.

②Cement gel is gradually formed through the initial hydration of cement, the liquid phase is saturated with calcium hydroxide formed during the hydration process, and the polymer particles are deposited on the partial surface of the cement gel/unhydrated cement particle mixture.

③ With the further hydration of the cement, the water in the capillary pores decreases, and the polymer particles are gradually confined in the capillary pores, forming a tight packing layer on the surface of the cement gel/unhydrated cement particle mixture and aggregate.

④ Under the action of hydration reaction, base layer absorption and surface evaporation, the moisture is further reduced, and the formed accumulation layer is aggregated into a continuous film, and the hydration reaction products are bonded together to form a complete network structure.

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