HPMC manufacturer-Construction Chemicals Additives in Wall Putty Field

HPMC manufacturer-Construction Chemicals Additives in Wall Putty Field

When SLEOCHEM company talked about the additives in wall putty,plaster,render,skim coat and other fields, HPMC(hydroxypropyl methylcellulose/hypromellose), MHEC(methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose), RDP(redispersible polymer powder) are our first line to choose from.

Wall putty is a kind of dry mix mortar products which is made of white cement mixed with other additives. It is applied to the wall to fill the cracks,imperfections, and gaps in the wall to create an even base for your paint. Normally wall putty means the plaster on interior wall. Normally wall putty is packaged in bag and already mixed with the additives-HPMC, MHEC, RDP and other function materials, we only need to add water and mix it when you use it. It is not necessary to add any other chemicals in it.

SLEOCHEM HPMC or MHEC could provide the good water retention to make sure the cement and other additives fully hydrated. Increase the strength of wall putty and make sure the functions of all other additives in the fomulcation. The sag-resistance method is to choose the HPMC or MHEC with right viscosity can provide a good thickness of wet mortar, prevent wall putty sagging. HPMC or MHEC have the good filming property on the surface of wall putty, it could reduce the water absorption of the base wall, reduce the risk of cracking. Increase the workability.

And SLEOCHEM RDP (redispersible polymer powder) is based on vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer and used PVA as the protection clloid. It could disperse in water very well and form the emulsion. Choose right specification of RDP-redispersible polymer powder in wall putty, which could increase the bonding strength, workability and flexibility. Meanwhile increase the water proofing property of the products.

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