HPMC manufacturer-The Key Factors of the Suitable Redispersible Latex Powder RDP

HPMC manufacturer-The Key Factors of the Suitable Redispersible Latex Powder RDP

Now the quality of redispersible polymer powder RDP is relatively stable. The quality of its products is also similar. How to choose redispersible latex powder, generally when making the formula, there is really no way to start, and there is no effective way other than putting it into the product for experimentation. Redispersible latex powder is the reprocessing process of emulsion. The selection of suitable redispersible latex powder should be considered from the following aspects:

1. The glass transition temperature of the dispersible polymer powder

The glass transition temperature is a main indicator of the physical properties of the redispersible latex powder. For a specific product, a reasonable choice of the glass transition temperature of the redispersible latex powder is conducive to enhancing the flexibility of the product and avoiding problems such as cracking.

2. Minimum film forming temperature

After the redispersible polymer powder is mixed with water and re-emulsified, it has similar properties to the original emulsion, that is, a film will be formed after the water evaporates. The film has high flexibility and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

3. Redissolvable properties

Inferior dispersible polymer powders are partially or hardly dissolved in cold water or alkaline water.

4. Price

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5. Some other questions.

The knowledge related to redispersible latex powder is relatively large and complex, and it is impossible to choose from a single performance.

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