HPMC manufacturer-Causes Of Putty Powder Off Powder

HPMC manufacturer-Causes Of Putty Powder Off Powder

Inner wall putty powder is the most common problem after putty construction. To understand the reason of inner wall putty powder, you must first understand the basic raw material components and curing principle of inner wall putty powder, and then combine The wall dryness, water absorption, temperature, weather dryness, etc. during putty construction, find out the main reasons for the putty powder falling off of the interior wall putty powder and use corresponding methods to solve the problem of putty powder falling off. According to our years of research and production practice There is also a long-term construction practice, do a detailed analysis, and discuss solutions and preventive measures based on our actual situation.

The main reasons why putty powder falls off are as follows:

1. If the water retention rate of HPMC used (the higher the hydroxypropoxy content, the higher the water retention rate) is not good enough, it will also cause the putty powder to depowder.

2. Weather: The weather has a great influence on putty powder, such as putty for interior and exterior walls. In some arid areas in the north, the ventilation is good, and the putty finishes filming quickly and does not peel off. In some areas in the south, there is rainy weather. Putty has poor film-forming properties and will also shed powder, so some gray calcium should be appropriately added to such areas.

3. Calcium hydroxide: The water absorption of Calcium hydroxide should be considered. The water absorption of Calcium hydroxide will affect the degree of dryness and powder loss. Some Calcium hydroxide products are impure, which will also make the putty for internal and external walls to be powdered and less waterproof.

4. Errors in the production process cause the putty to depowder. If the mixing mixer has no cleaning function and there are more residues, the CMC in the ordinary putty will react with the lime calcium powder in the waterproof putty, and the CMC in the inner wall putty and the outer wall The white cement of the putty reacts to cause powder removal. Some company special equipment is equipped with a cleaning port, which can clean the residue in the machine, not only to ensure the quality of the putty, but also to use one machine for multiple purposes. Buy one equipment to produce a variety of putties.

5. The bonding strength of the putty is not enough to cause powder removal, the bonding strength of the rubber powder is not good enough, and the small amount of addition will also affect the putty powder, especially the inner wall putty, the size of the bonding strength, the powder does not remove the powder and the rubber powder And the quality of glue has a lot to do with the amount added.

6. Uneven mixing and mixing is one of the reasons that cause the putty powder to fall off. If you are not using professional mixing equipment, it is likely to cause uneven mixing and cause the putty powder to fall off.



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