HPMC manufacturer-Simple identification method for cellulose ether for putty and mortar

Cellulose ether is widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper, cosmetics, food, beverage, building materials, there are thousands of varieties, is a widely used additive, different uses, have different performance requirements for cellulose products.

HPMC uses fine cotton as the main raw material, with good performance, high price and good alkali resistance. It is suitable for ordinary water-resistant putty and polymer mortar which are made of strong alkaline materials such as cement and ash calcium. The viscosity range is 40000-200000S. Very few manufacturers generally use HPMC in common putty products.

Identification method: Weigh 3 g of HPMC, put it into 300 ml of water and stir until it is completely dissolved into a glue. Place the glue in a clean, transparent, colorless empty mineral water bottle, cover and tighten the cap, put Observe the change of the glue in the environment of 0-38 ° C, such as the gel is bright and transparent, the viscosity is large, and the fluidity is good, indicating that the product has a good initial feeling. Continue to observe if it is more than 6 months, it can still remain unchanged, indicating that the product has good stability and can be used with confidence; if it can not be maintained, it will soon change color, the glue will become thinner, become turbid, have sediment, rancid smell, increase Bottle, indicating that the product has quality problems.

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