HPMC manufacturer-Brief Introduction Of Daily Chemical Grade Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

HPMC manufacturer-Brief Introduction Of Daily Chemical Grade Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

Daily chemical grade instant hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is usually used in daily chemical washing products, such as hand sanitizer, washing liquid, car washing liquid, etc.

The properties of daily chemical grade hydroxypropyl class a cellulose products mainly include:

1. Water solubility and thickening: it can be quickly dissolved in cold water without agglomeration, and soluble in some organic solvents and the mixture of water and organic solvents. It can be dissolved with alcohol aqueous solution for making disinfectant hand sanitizer.

2. Thickening and viscosity increasing performance: a small amount of solution will form a transparent viscous solution with high transparency. The transparency of 1% aqueous solution is more than 90%. The performance is relatively stable. The solubility changes with the change of viscosity. The lower the viscosity, the greater the solubility. It can effectively improve the flow stability of the system.

3. High thickening effect: the viscosity of 1% aqueous solution is 200000mps, which can achieve the same thickening effect with less addition.

4. It can be operated for a long time: after hydroxypropyl grade a cellulose is quickly dissolved in aqueous solution, it begins to thicken after about three minutes. The operation time is sufficient, and at the same time, problems such as agglomeration and uneven mixing are avoided.

5. Excellent thermal stability: good heat resistance, gel temperature above 65 ℃, more stable consistency in different weather temperatures.

6. Salt resistance: it is relatively stable in the aqueous solution of metal salt or organic electrolyte, and it will not be layered and diluted after long-term storage.

7. PH stability: the viscosity of the aqueous solution is relatively stable in the range of ph3.0-11.0.


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