HPMC manufacturer-Application method of cement based plastering mortar

The construction method of new cement based plastering mortar, construction preparation, basic treatment, metope paste cake and reinforcement, metope appropriate amount of watering, preparation of slurry, slurry scraping on the wall, scraping, compaction and polishing.

In the slurry preparation: the ratio of ash and water is 1:0.18, pour water into the mixing bucket first, then pour ash, stir for 2 to 3 minutes, so that the slurry can reach the appropriate consistency;

On the scraping: after the slurry is scraped on the wall, it should be roughly smoothed into a layer and then carefully scraped. The invention has the characteristics of high bonding strength and excellent water resistance of mortar.

Applied to all kinds of high-rise buildings in the indoor wet water seepage environment of the wall, smooth wall, cement pouring wall, ceiling plaster decoration and basic treatment. The construction method of the new cement-based plastering mortar provided by the invention can not drop the powder, crack and fall off when the wall is damp, and has high bonding strength with the base, and is convenient and fast to use. The decorated wall surface is smooth and flat.

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