Take a look at the types of wall putty before buying

When it comes to painting your home or office, wall putty comes in handy. They smooth out the room partitions before painting, allowing the color to pop. You can also use them as fillers for holes and cracks. White cement can also be used to fit window and door frames. Aside from that, the waterproof wall putty cost is also very reasonable.

To ensure the longevity of your paints and the room barrier, apply a coat of this white cement to your partitions. They can be used on both exterior and interior partitions. In addition, for proper application, you can mix them with mortar and other additives. Nonetheless, before purchasing, you should be aware of the Types of Wall Putty on the market. It will assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.

In general, there are two types of white pastes available on the market. The first is acrylic, and the second is powder-based. Before you buy, you should learn everything you can about them.

Acrylic wall putty
Acrylic cement comes in smooth pastes. They are primarily made of water. They are suitable for interiors because they contain acrylic. They have a lower binding quality than the powdery cement alternative. The acrylic paste creates a smooth finish and serves as a good primer before painting. It does not flake, so you do not need to be concerned. It is simple to purchase because it is available online. The price of acrylic wall putty is reasonable both online and offline.

Some characteristics include:
● Outstanding adhesion strength

● Good workability and abrasion resistance

● Resists algae and fungi growth on the wall. Reliable and long-lasting.

● Excellent paint effects and finish

● Because of its low absorption, less paint is required.

● Easy to care for

● Non-toxic

● Suitable for all types of paints

Powdered white cement
Powdered white cement is also known as exterior wall putty. They are ideal for outdoor use due to the cement’s excellent binding properties. It’s made by combining minerals, polymers, and white cement. Though they are intended for outdoor use, they can also be used as interior room barriers. It improves the mechanical properties of the division and tends to make it water-resistant.

Some characteristics include:
● It is ready for use.

● It is more alkali resistant.

● It has a smooth finish.

● It is appropriate for all types of paints.

● It dries quickly, allowing for faster job completion.

Function of HPMC/MHEC & RDP in Wall Putty

Function of RDP
● Increasing the bonding strength.

● Providing extra flexibility of the mortar.

Properties of HPMC/MHEC
● Good water retention will make sure all the additives reach the best performance in the product formulation.

● Good workability to increase the efficiency.

HPMC or MHEC could provide a good filming property on the surface of the wall putty, could reduce the water absorption of the base wall. Reduce the risk of cracking.

● Good say-resistance property by providing a good viscosity of the wet mortar.

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