HPMC manufacturer-Typical Applications of HPMC in Dry Mix Mortars.

1. Plastering Mortar

When HPMC is added to the plastering mortar, it increases water retention, allowing the cement to fully hydrate and improving bond strength as well as tensile and shear strength. As a result, the construction effect is greatly enhanced, and work efficiency improves.

2. Wall Putty

In the putty, HPMC primarily plays the role of water retention, bonding, and lubrication, preventing cracks and dehydration caused by excessive water loss and at the same time enhancing the adhesion of the putty and reducing the sagging phenomenon during construction, thereby ensuring a relatively smooth construction process.

3. Gypsum Plaster

In gypsum-based products, HPMC plays an important role in retaining water and increasing lubrication. It also has a certain retarding effect, which prevents hollow cracking and unreachable initial strength during construction, and prolongs operating time.

4. EIFS/ETICS mortars

In EIFS/ETICS, HPMC facilitates bonding and increases strength, makes mortar easier to coat, and increases efficiency at the same time. It also has a stronger anti-sag effect and higher water retention, thereby prolonging mortar working time, reducing shrinkage and cracking, improving surface quality, and improving bond strength.

5. Tile adhesive

With HPMC added to the tile adhesive formula, water retention properties are improved, which reduces the amount of moisture absorbed by the substrate and tiles in the mortar and retains moisture as much as possible in the binder, so that the mortar can be applied for a long period of time, while still maintaining adhesiveness and extending the open time significantly. Furthermore, the proper viscosity of the mortar will give it consistency, improve its wetting ability, and increase adhesion.

6. Joint Filler/grouts

HPMC in grouts provides high abrasion and shrinkage resistance, protecting the base material from mechanical damage and preventing infiltration.

7. Self-leveling Compounds

Adding HPMC to self-leveling compounds improves fluidity and self-leveling capability, and controls the water retention rate, so it sets quickly and reduces cracking and shrinkage.


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