HPMC manufacturer-What are the Uses of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose in Building Decoration Materials?

As a Construction Grade Hpmc Manufacturer, share it with you.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is an odorless, odorless, non-toxic milky white powder that can be dissolved in cold water to produce a transparent viscous aqueous solution. It has the characteristics of thickening, adhesion, dispersion, emulsion, demulsification, floating, adsorption, suspected glue, surface activity, moisturizing and hydrating, and maintaining colloidal solution.

Construction Grade Hpmc

1. Lime mortar and cement mortar
High-moisture storage can make concrete fully solidify. The compressive strength of bonds continued to rise. In addition, the tensile and cutting compressive strength can be improved. Further improve the actual effect of project construction and enhance work efficiency.

2. Waterproof putty
The key function of cellulose ether in putty powder is to maintain moisture, adhesion and wetting, prevent cracks or open glue caused by too fast water shortage, improve the adhesion of putty powder, and reduce the suspension condition of the construction site. Make the project construction more complete and save human capital.

3. Interface agent
The key is as an emulsifier, which can increase the compressive strength and tensile strength, improve the surface coating, and improve the adhesion and adhesive compressive strength.

4. External wall insulation mortar
Cellulose ethers play a key role in bonding, improving compressive strength, making cement mortar easy to coat, and improving efficiency. In addition, it has the advantages of anti-vertical suspension work ability and strong water-locking work ability, which can increase cement mortar. Improve the anti-collapse and cohesion performance of the cement mortar, improve the process performance, and increase the adhesive compressive strength.

5. Tile glue
The high-grade water features do not need to pre-soak or wet the ceramic floor tiles and roadbeds, which can significantly improve the adhesive compressive strength. The mortar can have a long construction period, beautiful, well-proportioned, convenient construction, and strong ground slip resistance.

6. Grout Grout
The addition of cellulose ether has excellent edge adhesion, low shrinkage rate and high wear resistance. The basic raw materials will not be damaged by mechanical equipment and prevent the adverse effects of flooding on all buildings.

7. Self-plain materials
The stable viscosity of the cellulose ether ensures the excellent circulation of the cellulose ether and the self-leveling ability of the cement, controls the water retention rate, makes the cellulose ether coagulate rapidly, and reduces cracks and shrinkage.

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