HPMC manufacturer-SLEO HPMC for EIFS mortar

HPMC / MHEC used in EIFS / ETICS. 

What is EIFS or ETICS ?

EIFS is abbreviation for Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems.

ETICS is abbreviation for External Themal Insulation Composite System.

It is also well kown as the name EWI.

In EIFS / ETICS, it is required to use different kind of dry mix mortars in different parts.

HPMC-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is one of the basic chemicals in EIFS mortar formulation.

SLEOCHEM can provide specialized specifications for this application:

To choose right specification SLEO HPMC / MHEC will be helpful increase the performance of dry mix mortars:

– Increase the bonding strength between the insulation plate and the exterior wall. Avoild the EPS / XPS insulation board falling from the wall surface.

– Provide better workability durding using of distribution method.

– Good consistency & non-sagging property.

– Good water retention can make sure all the additives in the formulation reach the best performance, reduce the crack risk on the surface.

– Good weather fastness,Extended the system use life.

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