vae redispersible powder-Test of viscosity of redispersible latex powder

vae redispersible powder-Test of viscosity of redispersible latex powder

At present, the widely used redispersible latex powder in the world occupies a dominant position in the entire market, has a priority in the global field, and represents the technical characteristics of the redispersible latex powder. From the technical experience of polymers applied in mortar modification, it is still the best technical solution:

1. It is one of the most used polymers in the world;

2. More application experience in the construction field;

3. It can meet the rheological properties required by the mortar (that is, the required construction);

4. The polymer resin with other monomers has the characteristics of low organic volatile matter (VOC) and low irritant gas;

5. It has the characteristics of excellent UV resistance, good heat resistance and long-term stability;

6. It has relatively excellent comprehensive bonding, flexibility and mechanical properties;

7. Combination of performance protective colloid (polyvinyl alcohol).

Redispersible latex powder bonding strength detection method is:

1. First take 5g of redispersible latex powder into a glass measuring cup, add 10g of purified water and stir for 2min to make it evenly mixed;

2. Then, after the mixed measuring cup is allowed to stand for 3 minutes, stir again for 2 minutes;

3. Spread all the solution in the measuring cup on a clean glass plate placed horizontally;

4. Put the glass plate into the DW100 low temperature environment simulation test box;

5. Leave it at 0 ° C for 1 hour under environmental simulation conditions, remove the glass plate, test the film formation rate, and convert the standard adhesive strength of the redispersible latex powder in use according to the film formation rate.

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