VAE powder-What are the advantages of redispersible latex powder?

VAE powder-What are the advantages of redispersible latex powder?

──Improve the bending strength and flexural strength of cement mortar

The polymer adhesive paper produced by redispersible latex powder has very good flexibility. Demulsification is broken in the voids and surface layers of the mixed mortar particles to form a flexible connection. Mixed mortars that are heavy and brittle and forced are becoming more malleable. Cement mortar with redispersible latex powder should have several times higher tensile strength than ordinary cement mortar.

──Improve the adhesive compressive strength and adhesion of cement mortar

After the redispersible latex powder used as an organic chemical adhesive is demulsified, it can produce high compressive strength and adhesive compressive strength on different boards. It has played an important role in the adhesion of cement mortar and organic materials (EPS, extruded plastic deformation insulation foam board) and smooth surface board. The demulsified polymer rubber powder is used to improve the raw material to be distributed in all cement mortar management systems to improve the bonding force of the cement mortar.

──Improve the impact resistance, use performance and wear resistance of cement mortar

The rubber powder particles fill the cavities of the cement mortar, the compactness of the cement mortar is improved, and the wear resistance is improved. Under the action of external force, it can cause relaxation without being destroyed. Polymer adhesive paper can be stored in the cement mortar management system.
──Improve the aging resistance and freeze-thaw cycle resistance of cement mortar to avoid cracking of cement mortar

Redispersible latex powder belongs to thermoplastics and has very good flexibility, which can make the cement mortar deal with the damage of the external heat and cold environment, and reasonably avoid the crack of the cement mortar due to the change of temperature difference.

──Improve the hydrophobicity of cement mortar and reduce water absorption

The redispersible latex powder breaks the emulsion in the pores and surface of the cement mortar. The polymer adhesive paper is not easy to disperse again when it meets with water, which prevents the intrusion of water and improves the level of impermeability. Unique redispersible latex powder with hydrophobic effect, the actual effect of hydrophobicity is better.

──Improve the cohesiveness of cement mortar engineering construction

The high polymer rubber powder particles have a wetting effect between the two components of the cement mortar to have independent fluidity. In addition, the rubber powder has an inductive effect on gas, giving the fluid density of the cement mortar, and improving the construction cohesiveness of the cement mortar.

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