HPMC manufacturer-Effect of cellulose on tile adhesive

HPMC manufacturer-Effect of cellulose on tile adhesive

Cement based tile adhesive is the largest application of special dry mortar. It is an organic or inorganic mixture based on cement.

It is the main cementing material, supplemented by graded aggregate, water retention agent, early strength agent and latex powder. Compared to ordinary cement mortar, it usually only needs to be mixed with water when used.

It can greatly improve the bond strength between the facing material and the substrate. And has good anti-slip properties. It has excellent water resistance, heat resistance and freeze-thaw resistance.

This is mainly used to paste decorative materials such as indoor and outdoor wall tiles and floor tiles. Widely used in indoor and outdoor walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and other decorative interiors. Therefore, it is the most widely used tile bonding material.

Usually we judge the performance of tile adhesives. In addition to pay attention to its operational performance and anti-slip ability. It also pays attention to its mechanical strength and opening time.

In addition to affecting the rheology of ceramic glues, there are also cellulose ethers in tile adhesives. Operations such as sliding performance, the state of the sticking knife, and the like also have a strong influence on the mechanical properties of the tile adhesive.

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