HPMC manufacturer-Difference of Tile Adhesive and Cement Mortar on the Application of Ceramic Tile

HPMC manufacturer-Difference of Tile Adhesive and Cement Mortar on the Application of Ceramic Tile

Tile Adhesive: Also named as Tile Binder, Tile Glue. Its raw materials are mainly cement powder, quartz sand, redispersible powder, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, starch ether, etc. As the same as cement powder, It needs to be mixed with water and mixed to make a paste before use. Ceramic tile glue has a strong bonding force, so it is used to replace the traditional cement mortar ceramic tile bonding material. When ceramic tile is laid, the master mason will scrape ceramic tile glue on the back of ceramic tile, metope and ground respectively, and then press the ceramic tile on the metope and ground for laying.

Cement Mortar: Traditional tile laying mainly used the cement mortar paving method. Cement mortar is actually cement, sand and water in accordance with a certain ratio of mixed ceramic tile bonding material, After cement mortar condenses, can produce powerful cohesive force, let ceramic tile bond firmly on metope, ground.

Difference of Tile Adhesive and Cement Mortar: The thickness of traditional cement mortar is relatively large and the bond strength is poor. After finishing the paving, Ceramic tile is easy to appear empty drum, fall off phenomenon. In addition,Tile Adhesive still has very good anti-crack, anti-seepage, water resistance ability. Most people think that the cost of tile adhesive is more expensive than cement mortar, So it’s cheaper to lay tiles with cement mortar. Actually it is not the truth. Combined with the amount of material, construction period, construction difficulty, labor cost to calculate, with tile adhesive laying can save the cost of decoration.

In my opinion, in the case of adequate budget and the pursuit of tile bonding effect, it would be better to choose tile adhesive for the whole house. If the budget is little, you can choose the traditional cement mortar when laying the floor tiles. After all, the traditional cement mortar laying is relatively mature and convenient for ground leveling. Tiles rarely appear empty drums, If the thickness is sufficient.

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