HPMC manufacturer-Construction technology of waterproofing cement mortar:

HPMC manufacturer-Construction technology of waterproofing cement mortar:

1. Before construction, the ground and vertical surface of the waterproof base layer must be flat, rough, clean and damp. Generally, the waterproof mortar layer must be completed in two passes. First, the waterproofing agent should be mixed with water at about 1:8 and cement mixing plain mortar with a thickness of 1mm-1.5mm. Make the bonding layer, and apply waterproof mortar 10mm-20mm thick when the plain ash is initially set. During the retardation period, it must be cured and polished and compacted 1-2 times. The curing method is the same as the conventional cement curing method. If the tiles need to be glued, the pitted surface can be wiped out before the full strength (basement or difficult waterproof project with high water pressure, according to the site conditions, repeat the above process once or twice).

2. When making waterproof mortar, if there are pipe fittings, floor drains, columns and other special parts in the bathroom, they need to be treated first. Use a drill to drill around the roots to form a concave shape, clean and damp, and then use plain ash to wipe the roots into a convex shape (slope type), which is similar to the above-mentioned 1mm-1.5mm thick element. The ash bonding layer is integrated, and waterproof mortar is used for initial setting.

3. In the maintenance of leakage engineering, when the original foundation is smooth, it needs to be drilled into a pitted surface.

4. When spraying on exterior wall finishes, the original liquid of waterproofing agent (without water) can be sprayed 2-3 times. When mixed with liquid decorative paint, it can be added according to the color of the paint. Generally, the water-proofing agent should be mixed with water = 1: (1-3 ) Left and right, mixed in the paint, the spraying process of the paint remains unchanged.

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