HPMC manufacturer-What is the differences between dry-mixed waterproof mortar and polymer cement waterproof mortar?

HPMC manufacturer-What is the differences between dry-mixed waterproof mortar and polymer cement waterproof mortar?

The difference between ordinary waterproof mortar and polymer waterproof mortar lies in whether polymer latex is used for functional waterproofing. In other words, ordinary waterproof mortar achieves compact waterproof effect by optimizing the gradation or adding water-repellent agents such as inorganic aluminum salt at the same time. The polymer waterproof mortar is waterproof by mixing a certain proportion of acrylic ester, EVA and other latex into the mortar.

In terms of performance, the flexural performance and bonding strength of polymer waterproof mortar are generally higher than those of ordinary waterproof mortar.

1. The mixed materials of the two are different:
1.1 The mixed material of dry-mixed ordinary waterproof mortar: dry and sieved aggregates (such as quartz sand), inorganic cementing materials (such as cement) and additives (such as polymers), etc., are physically mixed in a certain proportion. It is a kind of granular or powdery materials that are transported to the construction site in bags or bulk, and can be used directly after mixing with water.

1.2 Mixed materials of polymer cement waterproof mortar: cementing materials, such as cement, gypsum, etc.; can be used in dispersing latex powder materials, such as acrylate, polyvinyl alcohol, styrene-acrylate copolymer, etc.; admixture materials, such as Water retention, hydrophobic agent, thickening, thixotropy, air-entraining, defoaming, early setting, slow setting, etc.

2. The two types are different:
2.1 Types of dry-mix ordinary waterproof mortar: including ordinary dry-mix and special dry-mix. Among them, ordinary dry-mix includes DM dry-mix interior wall masonry mortar, DPI dry-mix interior wall plastering mortar, and DPE dry-mix exterior wall plastering Mortar, DS dry mix floor mortar, DW dry mix ordinary waterproof mortar; special dry mix includes DTA dry mix tile bonding mortar, DEA dry mix polystyrene board bonding mortar, DBI dry mix external thermal insulation surface mortar.

2.2 Types of polymer cement waterproof mortar: polymer waterproof mortar (hard waterproof mortar, flexible two-component waterproof mortar), polymer thermal insulation mortar, polymer facing mortar 5. Polymer reinforced mortar (compressive strength ≥55MPa) Polymer anti-corrosion mortar (anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-salt, anti-ultraviolet, anti-high temperature, etc.), polymer repair mortar, and other types of tile adhesives and interface agents.

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