redispersible powder-VAE RDP Redispersible Polymer Powder infromation

redispersible powder-VAE RDP Redispersible Polymer Powder infromation

VAE RDP Redispersible Polymer Powder infromation

The main component of the chemical group of redispersible polymer powder is (VAC/E) vinyl acetate/ethylene copolymer

Appearance : white powder
Particle size : 100 mesh (98%) passed
Solid content (%) : 99±1%
Bulk density (g/l) : 450~600
Ash (burning% at 1000℃) : 10±2%
PH value : 6-8
Minimum film formation ℃ : 0℃
Glass transition temperature Tg℃:  10±3℃

Re-dispersible latex powder, due to the adjustment of the main chain of the product (vinyl acetate/ethylene), the amount of ethylene inserted is appropriately reduced, the glass transition temperature of the polymer is increased, the rigidity is increased, and the cohesive strength is also increased. In the case that the film is strong and not losing flexibility, it can not only meet the requirements of polymer cement for bonding strength, but also meet the requirements for flexural strength.

The redispersible latex powder has better adhesion and adhesion, which can better improve the adhesion strength, cohesion, flexural resistance, wear resistance and workability of the mortar.


♦ EPS, XPS thermal insulation bonding mortar

♦ latex powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar

♦ Thin plastering mortar

♦ Floor mortar

♦ Tiles and various adhesives

♦ Wall Putty

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