Cellulose ether manufacturing process

Production process
Main production process: cellulose crushing, alkalization, etherification, gas recovery, precipitation, neutralization, washing, solid-liquid separation, stripping, filtration, drying, crushing, mixing and packaging, etc.
Main raw and auxiliary materials: main raw materials include refined cotton, kapok pulp, sodium hydroxide, propylene oxide/ethane, methyl chloride, chloroacetic acid, etc.; main auxiliary materials include toluene, ethanol, isopropanol, tert-butanol, methanol, acetone, glyoxal, acetic acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite, etc.
Main energy sources: natural gas, electricity, coal, liquefied petroleum gas, biomass fuel, purchased hot steam, etc.

Production and discharge of major pollutants
PM: mainly from crushing, dosing, drying, mixing, packaging, and other processes.
SO2, NOX: mainly from nitric acid storage tanks, metering tanks, boilers and hot blast stoves, and other processes.

VOCs: mainly from organic material storage, reaction, condensation, exhaust, washing, filtration, granulation, organic waste gas volatilization during drying, tail gas absorption process, incinerator discharge, and other processes.

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