Cellulose Ether For Wall Putty

What is Wall putty?
Wall Putty is an indispensable building material in the decoration process. It is a base material for wall repair or leveling, and it is also a good basic material for the next painting or wallpapering work.

wall putty
According to its users, it is generally divided into two types: non-finished putty and dry-mixed putty. Non-finished putty has no fixed packaging, no unified production standards, and no quality assurance, and is generally made by workers at the construction site to mix ingredients. The dry-mixed putty is produced according to a reasonable material ratio and mechanized method, which avoids the errors caused by the on-site ratio in the traditional process and the problem that the quality cannot be guaranteed, and can be used with water directly.

dry-mixed putty
What is the composition of wall putty?
Usually, Wall Putty is lime-calcium-based or cement-based. The raw materials of putty are relatively clear, and the number of various ingredients needs to be scientifically matched, and there are certain standards.

Wall Putty is generally composed of base materials, fillers, water, and additives. The base material is the most critical part of the wall putty, such as white cement, Limestone Sand, Hydrated lime,re-dispersible polymer powder, and cellulose ether.

What is Cellulose ether?
Cellulose ethers are water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose is the most abundant natural polymer, function as an additional thickening, have better workability, less stickiness, longer open time, etc.

SLEOCHEM cellulose ether
Divided into HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), HEMC (Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose), and HEC(Hydroxyethyl cellulose), classified into pure and modified grades.

Why cellulose ethers are an integral part of wall putty?
In the formula of wall putty, cellulose ether is a key additive to improve performance, wall putty with cellulose ether offers a smooth wall surface. It ensures easy workability, long pot life, excellent water retention, and more.

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