What is HPMC in detergent?

What is HPMC in detergent?

1、Detergent thickener
HPMC for detergent is also known as the daily chemical grade hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Its applications include detergents, soaps, shampoos, body washes, facial cleansers, toothpaste, lotions, etc.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, as a detergent thickener, is a common used additive. The thickening effect of HPMC in detergent can improve the viscosity of detergent, increase the stability of bubbles. Bring users a comfortable experience. As a detergent thickener, it has the following advantages:

1. Cold and heat resistant. the viscosity of detergent will not change with the temperature.

2. Electrolyte resistance. what ph does HPMC dissolve? It is stable in the ph range of 3-11.

3. Improve the fluidity of the system. HPMC is more a smooth cleaning effect, and improve skin quality.

2、Detergent anti-reprecipitating agent
HPMC uses in detergent is not only a detergent thickener but also an anti-reprecipitating agent. The decontamination effect of detergent is through the penetration between detergent and dirt. So dirt (oily substance and solid dirt) falls off. Then emulsify and disperse in solution. HPMC with a lot of negative charges can adsorb in removing dirt. Electrostatic repulsion increases. So the dirt washed down can disperse and suspend in water. It can prevent dirt from settling again.

But detergents quality does not depend on the viscosity, but on the active ingredients. This active component is from detergent interface active agent. Surfactants and auxiliaries are the two main chemical components of detergents. The function of adjuvant is to make the interface active agent play the role. Reducing the amount of interface active agent to improve the washing effect.

Many detergent manufacturers pay more attention to its transparency and dissolution rate. Transparency is required at least 95 percent. Such transparency standards will not affect the appearance of the detergent. It is more popular with consumers.


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