What is the best detergent thickener?

SLEOCHEM HPMC is the best detergent thickener. It can exhibit good solubility in detergents.

SLEOCHEM uses the most advanced German equipment. We control the quality, and provide high-quality HPMC used as a detergent thickener.

  • Thickness: The good thickening property of SLEOCHEM ensures that the liquid can remain stable for a long time. It also helps to control the dosage, and it will not cause too much pouring due to too thin liquid.
  • Low irritation, high temperature: SLEOCHEM does not hurt the skin, cares for your hands.
  • Broad pH stability, stable at pH 6-8: It is suitable for most detergents.
  • Increase and stabilize foam, improve skin feel: Help your product foam densely and improve the experience of using.


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