How to select dry mortar additive- cellulose ether?

One of the biggest differences between dry mix mortar and traditional mortar is the modification of dry mix mortar with a small amount of chemical additives. Adding one additive to dry mortar is called primary modification, and adding two or more additives is secondary modification.

The quality of dry powder mortar depends on the correct choice of ingredients and the coordination of various ingredients.

Because chemical additives are more expensive and have a greater impact on the performance of dry mortar. Therefore, when selecting additives, the amount of additives should be given top priority.

The following is a brief introduction about how to select chemical additive-cellulose ether.

Cellulose ether, also known as rheology modifier, is an admixture used to adjust the rheological properties of fresh mortar and is used in almost every type of mortar.

The following properties should be considered when selecting its varieties and adding amounts:

(1) Water retention at different

(2) Thickening effect, viscosity;

(3) The relationship between consistency and temperature, and the influence on consistency in the presence of electrolyte;

(4) The form and degree of etherification;

(5) The improvement of the positioning ability (this is necessary for the mortar painted on the vertical surface);

(6) The dissolution rate, conditions and dissolution completeness.

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