How to Identify the Good or Bad of Re-dispersible Polymer Powder?

Use basic properties to qualify its quality

1. Appearance: The appearance should be white free-flowing uniform powder without irritating smell. Possible quality manifestations: abnormal color; impurity; particularly coarse particles; abnormal smell.

2. Dissolution method: Take a small amount of redispersible polymer powder and put it into 5 times the water, stir first and then wait for 5 minutes to see. In principle, the less insoluble matter precipitated to the bottom layer, the better the quality of the redispersible polymer powder.

3. Film-forming method: Take a certain amount of redispersible latex powder, put it into 2 times the water, stir evenly, let it stand for 2 minutes, stir again, first pour the solution on a flat glass, then put the glass in a ventilated shade. After drying, observe that the quality with high transparency is good.

4. Ash content: Take a certain amount of redispersible latex powder, weigh it, place it in a metal container, heat it to about 600℃, burn it at high temperature for about 30 minutes, cool it to room temperature, and weigh it again. Good quality for light weight. Analysis of the reasons for the high ash content, including improper raw materials and high inorganic content.

5. Moisture content: The reason for the abnormally high moisture content is that the fresh product is high, the production process is poor, and contains improper raw materials; the stored product is high and contains water-absorbing substances.

6. pH value: the pH value is abnormal, if there is no special technical description, there may be abnormal process or material.

7. Iodine solution color test: iodine solution will turn into indigo when it encounters starch, and the iodine solution color test is used to detect whether polymer powder is mixed with starch.

The above is just a simple method, and it cannot completely identify the good and the bad, but it can be used for preliminary identification. Specific parameters and data still require professional equipment and testing to have a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Quality is the yardstick of price, brand is the label of quality, and the market is the ultimate test standard. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a professional and reliable regular manufacturer.

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