How the Chemical Structure Affects HPMC Performance

The HPMC chemical structure affects its performance in various ways. The degree of substitution affects the solubility, gelation temperature, and viscosity of HPMC. A higher DS results in a more hydrophilic polymer, which increases its solubility in water. It also reduces the gelation temperature of HPMC, making it easier to form gels.

The molecular weight of HPMC also affects its performance. A higher molecular weight results in a more viscous polymer with better water retention properties. It also increases the mucoadhesive properties of HPMC, which enhances drug absorption and bioavailability.

The ratio of methyl to hydroxypropyl groups in HPMC affects its gelation properties. A higher ratio of methyl to hydroxypropyl groups results in a faster gelation rate and a harder gel.


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