How Does HPMC Improve Dry Mix Mortar Properties?

HPMC improves the physical properties of dry mix mortars by increasing their open time or setting time. This means that the mortar will remain workable for longer before beginning to set and harden. This allows for more flexibility when applying mortar in various applications such as tiling or sealing joints between tiles or bricks etc… In addition to this, HPMC also helps to improve the workability of the mortar which makes it easier to spread over

surfaces or into narrow joints between materials. Furthermore, because HPMC increases water retention in mortar mixes they require less frequent re-wetting during construction activities which can save both time and money. Finally, using HPMC helps reduce shrinkage cracking in mortar due to its ability to control rheology and thixotropy which are essential elements for preventing cracks from forming due to drying out during curing periods.


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