How to buy good quality HPMC from china factory ?

As hydroxyproyl methyl cellulose(HPMC) supplier factory and HPMC exporter ,we provide good quality HPMC and the best solution for you (hpmc dealer , hpmc retailer , hpmc importer , hpmc trader ) How to choose good water retention hpmc from hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose suppliers? Follow below points to get some advise for reference:

If the hpmc dosage is less,the effect is bad. And the The water-blinding is not good as well.

1. High gel temperature of hpmc
High-quality HPMC cellulose has a high gel temperature and It is not susceptible to high-temperature weather

Low water retention gel temperature hpmc completely lose water retention when hpmc solution become to hpmc . It is very important especially in the summer or in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt

The gel temperature is high, the water retention rate is high, conversely, the water retention rate is low.

2. HPMC Long Open time
The hpmc water-retention has relation with the long open time . The open time is longer and the hpmc water-retention is better .And the hpmc quality is better

3.The Lower ash HPMC
The main factor affecting the water retention of HPMC cellulose is its purity. The hpmc impurity is higher and the ash content is lower

The ash content is less ,the hpmc water retention is better. On the contrary, the larger the ash content, the worse the water retention.

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