HPMC Used in Self-leveling Mortar

The use of ready-mixed mortar is an effective means to improve project quality and civilized construction level; The promotion and application of ready-mixed mortar is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of resources, and is an important measure for sustainable development and the development of circular economy; The use of ready-mixed mortar can significantly reduce the secondary rework rate of building construction, improve the degree of construction mechanization, improve construction efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and reduce the total energy consumption of buildings while continuously improving the comfort of the living environment.

The reasonable application of mortar additives makes mechanized construction of ready-mixed mortar possible; cellulose HPMC with good performance can improve the construction performance, pumping and spraying performance of mortar; its thickening ability can improve the wetting of wet mortar to the base wall Wetting ability, thereby improving the bonding strength of mortar; can adjust the opening time of mortar; excellent water retention capacity, can reduce the probability of plastic cracking of mortar; make the hydration of cement more complete, thereby improving the overall structural strength. As a good mortar, the mortar mixture should have good construction performance: easy to mix, good wettability to the base wall, smooth and non-stick to the knife, sufficient operating time (small loss of consistency), easy to level The hardened mortar should have excellent strength performance and surface appearance: suitable compressive strength, bonding strength with the base wall, good durability, smooth surface, no hollowing, no cracking, and no powder falling.

The effect that self-leveling mortar can achieve with low viscosity HPMC cellulose ether:
1. Ensure the fluidity of self-leveling mortar.
2. Improve the self-healing ability of self-leveling mortar.
3. Helps form a smooth surface.
4. Reduce shrinkage and improve bearing capacity.
5. Improve the adhesion and cohesion of self-leveling mortar to the base surface.


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