How Can HPMC Help With Building Materials?

Dry-mix mortars, such as tile adhesives and plasters, are often enhanced with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose products. By adding HPMC to tile adhesives and plaster mortar formulations, HPMC increases the product’s workability and enhances its adhesion. Additionally, HPMC improves the finish of mortar by providing flexibility and reducing shrinkage cracks. These advantages make it an ideal additive for a wide range of applications ranging from interior wall putty to tile adhesive compounds.

In addition to being used as an additive in dry-mix mortar formulations, HPMC can also be used as a binder in wet-mix mortar formulations. Due to its water retention properties, it helps improve the mechanical strength of the finished product while reducing water absorption. As such, HPMC can be an effective tool for creating strong yet flexible mortars suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


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