RDP in EIFS: Helping achieve net “0” emissions

EIFS refers to the exterior insolution finishing system. Its other name is External thermal insolution composite system(ETICS). Redispersible polymer powder is a common construction chemical addictive. In this article, you will learn why we add RDP in EIFS. Increased bonding effect, improved flexibility, aesthetics and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are all important. This is consistent with the sustainable development of the world.

1. What is EIFS?
The raw material of EIFS is RDP, cement, sand, fine filler, and thickener. These thickeners refer to cellulose ether, such as HPMC. EIFS is a composite structure. It includes an insulation layer, a protective layer, and fixing material. The insulation layer has high moisture resistance. It prevents moisture from penetrating the house. There are different insulating materials such as EPS, mineral wool, and wood fiber. Mineral wool comes from fine fibers obtained by melting or crushing glass. It has different densities and thicknesses.


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