Cellulose Ether Mhec Used in Wall Putty

MHEC is a modified cellulose ether, and its properties can be adjusted to meet specific requirements of different applications. In wall putty, MHEC is typically used as a thickener and binder to improve the consistency and workability of the putty, making it easier to apply on surfaces. It also helps to prevent water loss from the putty during the drying process, which enhances the adhesion and durability of the wall putty.

The addition of MHEC to wall putty formulations can improve properties such as:

  1. Workability: MHEC improves the spreadability and workability of the putty, making it easier for painters to apply it smoothly on walls.
  2. Water retention: MHEC helps the putty retain water, which is essential for the proper curing and drying of the material. This allows the putty to dry evenly without cracking or shrinking excessively.
  3. Adhesion: The cellulose ether contributes to better adhesion of the putty to the substrate, ensuring it sticks well to the wall surface.
  4. Sag resistance: MHEC helps the wall putty resist sagging or slumping on vertical surfaces, maintaining a uniform thickness during application.
  5. Open time: The open time refers to the period during which the putty remains workable after application. MHEC extends the open time, giving painters more time to work with the putty before it starts to set.


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