Construction grade hot dissolving HPMC powder for cement-based plasters

How HPMC Powder Works in Cement-Based Plasters

In cement-based plasters, HPMC powder functions as a water retention agent, enhancing the plaster’s ability to retain water and prevent premature drying. This property is crucial for ensuring proper hydration of the cement, leading to improved workability, adhesion, and strength.

Apart from water retention, HPMC powder also contributes to the following benefits in cement-based plasters:

  • Improves Workability: HPMC powder imparts a smooth and creamy texture to the plaster mix, making it easier to apply and reducing the risk of air bubbles or voids.

  • Enhances Adhesion: The water retention and thickening properties of HPMC powder promote stronger adhesion between the plaster and the substrate, preventing peeling or cracking.

  • Reduces Shrinkage and Cracking: By maintaining moisture within the plaster, HPMC powder helps minimize shrinkage and cracking during the drying process.

Types of HPMC Powder for Cement-Based Plasters

Construction-grade HPMC powder is typically supplied in different viscosity grades, ranging from low to high. The viscosity grade determines the thickening and water retention capacity of the powder.

For cement-based plasters, medium to high viscosity grades of HPMC powder are commonly used. These grades provide the necessary water retention and workability without compromising the setting time of the plaster.

Applications of HPMC Powder in Cement-Based Plasters

HPMC powder finds applications in various cement-based plaster formulations, including:

  • Exterior and Interior Plasters: HPMC powder is widely used in both exterior and interior plaster applications, improving workability, adhesion, and durability.

  • Self-Leveling Plasters: HPMC powder plays a crucial role in self-leveling plasters, ensuring smooth and uniform application over large areas.

  • Repair Plasters: HPMC powder is incorporated into repair plasters to enhance their workability, adhesion, and ability to fill cracks and imperfections.

  • Decorative Plasters: HPMC powder contributes to the smooth and workable texture of decorative plasters, allowing for intricate designs and finishes.

Overall, HPMC powder is an essential additive in cement-based plasters, providing a range of benefits that enhance the performance and applicability of these versatile construction materials.

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