Construction grade Re-dispersible Polymer Powder

Construction grade re-dispersible polymer powder (RDP) is a specific type of RDP designed for use in construction materials like mortar, concrete, render, and adhesives. It’s essentially a powdered form of a water-soluble polymer that, when mixed with water, redisperses into tiny particles, enhancing the properties of the mixture.

Compared to standard RDPs, construction grade types generally offer:

  • Higher strength and adhesion: They create stronger bonds between components, improving overall structural integrity.
  • Enhanced durability: They improve resistance to cracking, wear, and tear, extending the lifespan of construction materials.
  • Increased water resistance: They make materials more watertight, protecting them from moisture damage and extending their usability in wet environments.
  • Improved flexibility: They add a degree of flexibility, allowing materials to accommodate slight movements and reducing stress cracks.
  • Better workability: They can improve the texture and handling of materials, making them easier to mix, apply, and finish.

Here are some specific applications of construction grade RDP:

  • Mortar and concrete: Improves workability, adhesion, strength, and crack resistance.
  • Render: Enhances flexibility, crack resistance, and water resistance.
  • Tile adhesive: Increases bond strength, flexibility, and water resistance.
  • Self-leveling screeds: Improves flow, adhesion, and crack resistance.
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems): Enhances adhesion, flexibility, and crack resistance.
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