Lower Price Industrial Chemicals HPMC for Internal and External Wall Putty Powder

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) is commonly used in internal and external wall putty powder formulations due to its various beneficial properties. Here’s how HPMC can be utilized in the production of wall putty:

Functions of HPMC in Wall Putty Powder:

  1. Water Retention:
    • HPMC acts as a water retention agent, preventing rapid water loss during the setting of the putty. This ensures proper hydration and contributes to improved workability.
  2. Thickening:
    • It provides thickening properties, preventing sagging or slumping when the putty is applied to vertical surfaces. This enhances the ease of application and contributes to a smoother finish.
  3. Improved Adhesion:
    • HPMC enhances the adhesion of the putty to the substrate, promoting better bonding and reducing the risk of cracks or peeling.
  4. Workability and Open Time:
    • HPMC helps maintain consistent workability of the putty over an extended period, known as open time. This makes it easier for workers to apply and finish the putty.
  5. Reduced Shrinkage:
    • By controlling water evaporation, HPMC minimizes shrinkage in the putty during the drying process. This contributes to a more stable and crack-resistant final product.
  6. Setting Time Control:
    • Adjusting the amount of HPMC allows for control over the setting time of the wall putty, catering to different application requirements.
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