HPMC White Powder Hemc Used in Gypsum Spray Plaster

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC), often referred to by its abbreviation HPMC, is a white powder that belongs to the family of cellulose ethers. It is commonly used in various industries, including construction, as a thickening and binding agent.

In the context of gypsum spray plaster, HPMC serves several purposes:

  1. Water Retention: HPMC has excellent water retention properties, which helps to prevent rapid drying of the plaster. This is particularly important in spray applications where a consistent and controlled drying rate is desired.
  2. Improved Workability: The addition of HPMC to gypsum spray plaster can enhance its workability, making it easier to apply and spread evenly on surfaces.
  3. Adhesion: HPMC can improve the adhesion of the plaster to the substrate, ensuring a strong and durable bond.
  4. Consistency Control: It helps in maintaining the consistency of the plaster mix, allowing for better control over the application process.
  5. Reduced Sagging: HPMC can help reduce sagging or slumping of the plaster on vertical surfaces, providing better coverage and a smoother finish.
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