HPMC Powder for Internal and External Wall Putty High Water Retaining

HPMC functions in wall putties by:

  • Thickening: It increases the viscosity of the wall putty, making it easier to apply and reducing the risk of sagging.
  • High Water Retention: It significantly helps the wall putty retain moisture for a longer period, allowing for proper hydration of the cement and preventing cracks from forming, especially crucial in hot and dry climates where water evaporation is rapid.
  • Improved Workability: By enhancing workability, HPMC allows for smoother application and better finishing of the wall putty.

Here are some of the benefits of using HPMC in internal and external wall putties:

  • Reduced Cracking: Improved water retention significantly helps prevent cracks from forming in the finished product.
  • Improved Workability: HPMC makes the wall putty easier to apply and work with, leading to better results.
  • Improved Adhesion: HPMC can help improve the adhesion of the wall putty to the wall surface, leading to a stronger bond.
  • Reduced Shrinkage: By reducing water loss, HPMC can help to reduce shrinkage in the finished product.
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