Self-Leveling Additive HPMC Chemical Powder Low Ash

Self-leveling additive HPMC, also known as Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, is a chemical powder commonly used in construction materials like self-leveling mortars and floor compounds . It is derived from natural cellulose and plays a vital role in achieving a smooth, level finish.

Here’s a closer look at the properties of low-ash HPMC and its benefits in self-leveling applications:

  • Low Ash Content: Low ash content in HPMC translates to minimal inorganic residue left behind after burning. This is crucial in self-leveling compounds as high ash content can affect the setting time and final strength of the material.

  • Water Retention: HPMC acts as a water retention agent, ensuring that the self-leveling compound doesn’t dry out too quickly. This prevents premature hardening and cracking, allowing for better flow and a smoother finish.

  • Workability: Low viscosity HPMC enhances the workability of self-leveling mortars and floor compounds. This makes them easier to mix, apply, and level, improving overall construction efficiency.

  • Other Benefits: Low-ash HPMC also offers good thickening ability, adhesion properties, and dimensional stability, contributing to the overall quality and performance of self-leveling materials.


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