Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Powder Mhec for Cement Plaster

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (MHEC) powder is a widely used additive in cement plaster, offering numerous advantages for both the material and its application.

Benefits of MHEC in Cement Plaster:

  • Improved Workability: MHEC enhances the workability of cement plaster, making it easier to spread and apply uniformly. This translates to a smoother finish and reduces the effort required during plastering.

  • Enhanced Water Retention: Similar to HPMC, MHEC acts as a water retention agent, preventing the plaster from drying out too quickly. This extended work time allows for better manipulation and reduces the risk of cracking.

  • Reduced Segregation: MHEC helps prevent segregation, which is the separation of coarse and fine particles in the plaster mix. This ensures a consistent and homogenous plaster throughout the application.

  • Minimized Cracking: By retaining moisture and improving workability, MHEC reduces the likelihood of shrinkage cracks that can develop during drying.

  • Increased Bond Strength: MHEC can contribute to a stronger bond between the plaster and the substrate, improving the overall durability of the plastered surface.

  • Pumping and Spraying Applications: MHEC’s properties make cement plaster mixes more suitable for pumping and spraying applications, leading to faster and more efficient application, particularly for large areas.


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