Vae Powder for Self-Leveling Mortar

Vae powder, also known as Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (VAE) redispersible powder, is a common additive used in self-leveling mortars. It’s a type of RDP (Redispersible Polymer Powder) specifically formulated for this application.

Here’s how Vae powder benefits self-leveling mortars:

  • Improved Flow and Leveling: Vae powder enhances the fluidity of the mortar, allowing it to self-level more effectively and achieve a smoother, flatter finish. This is crucial for creating even surfaces for flooring or other applications.
  • Increased Workability: Similar to tile adhesives, Vae powder makes the mortar mix easier to work with. This translates to better trowelability and reduces the effort required for achieving a level surface.
  • Enhanced Strength and Crack Resistance: Vae powder improves the tensile strength and flexibility of the mortar. This helps prevent cracking caused by shrinkage or movement of the substrate.
  • Better Bond Strength: Vae powder can improve the adhesion of the self-leveling mortar to the substrate, creating a stronger and more durable bond.
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