Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (EVA) Copolymer Used in Drymix Mortar

Vinyl Acetate Ethylene (EVA) copolymer, also known as Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene copolymer (VAEE) or sometimes referred to as Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP), is a common additive used in drymix mortar. It offers several advantages that enhance the overall performance of the mortar.

Here’s a breakdown of how EVA copolymer functions in drymix mortar:

  • Enhanced Adhesion: One of the key benefits of EVA copolymer is improved adhesion. It acts as a binder, creating a stronger bond between the mortar and the substrate (the surface it’s applied to). This leads to a more durable and crack-resistant finished product.

  • Improved Flexibility: EVA copolymer can increase the flexibility of drymix mortar. This makes the mortar less susceptible to cracking caused by movement or vibration in the structure.

  • Water Retention: EVA copolymer helps the mortar retain water more effectively. This is particularly beneficial in hot or windy conditions where water evaporation can be a concern. Better water retention allows for proper hydration of the cement, leading to a stronger final product.

  • Workability: The presence of EVA copolymer can improve the workability of drymix mortar. It makes the mortar smoother and easier to trowel or apply, reducing the effort required during installation.

  • Other Advantages: EVA copolymer can also offer additional benefits depending on the specific formulation. These may include improved freeze-thaw resistance, reduced shrinkage, and better impact resistance.

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